Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So this weekend began with the best of all intentions.  I was finally going to write my book.  I'd made a plan, I'd made an outline, and I was going to do it.
Only problem.
Writing is HARD.
I got home early on Friday afternoon, and I managed to, just before midnight fell, to spew out just over 10,000 words.
I was very, very tired.  But I was determined, Saturday would be even better.  Saturday and Sunday were my knuckle-down drag-out days.  I was determined that I'm manage 20,000 words on each of those days.
And then I slept in.
So on Saturday, I didn't make it to 20,000 words.  However, I made it to 10,000 words, which, I'm telling you...20,000 words in two days (plus a 3500 word outline typed up the day before) kinda made me crazy.
By the end of it, my forearms ached and my fingertips were sore.
I took the next two days off. (clearly I need to toughen up...I'm such a wuss).
So it wasn't quite the 50k weekend I'd endeavored it to be, but it WAS a 20k weekend, which I'm kind of rediculously proud of.
It's the roughest draft ever, and I'm not quite halfway though it, but it's the kickstart I think I needed.
I'm going to try to do at least 1500 words every day for the rest of September, and then editing begins!
Wish me luck.

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