Friday, April 13, 2012

You're a Slacker McFly part 2 much for my whole "editing" plan.  I got my butt handed back to me after one day.  Editing is flipping HARD! (who knew, right?)

Anywhoo, I've decided I need to get back into it.  First, editing...actually first is hunting down my notebook with all the Strays info, so I can actually see where the story is supposed to GO, and then editing.

Then, I need to decide if I'm going to do a rough draft of Strays bk2, or something else.  I've been turining over a new idea in my head, and I'm a little bit in love with it.  I've added it to the sidebar there.  It's the "Dystopian/Forgotten" one.

I could really use some encouragement.  I feel like the worst slacker ever.

Love ya!


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